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ZBK - Weichselstrasse 34 - 12045 Berlin
ZBK - Weichselstrasse 34 - 12045 Berlin

Freitag 12.30 – 13.30 Uhr / Lis Wahl


This 1h class will bring you (back) into connection with your body and the present moment. Be sure you will move, sweat, slow down, feel and shake things back into place. You will be gently guided through an intuitive movement journey that is both energizing and centering. Come as you are: no dance or movement experience needed!

Fluentbody is a combination of movement, dance and somatic bodywork that helps people to be generous to their body and mind (developed by Florencia Lamarca).

Price: sliding scale 12 – 16 Euro

About Lis Wahl:

As a yoga teacher and dancer, Lis has gathered a lot of knowledge about the moving body – both on an anatomical and emotional level. Her passion for dance and movement has led her to do various dance trainings and be part of different performance collectives. She is on a constant research of the connection between emotions, movement and the physical body.

Lis is a certified Fluentbody facilitator by the founder of the method, Florencia Lamarca ( and is currently training in the field of holistic dance and contact improvisation with Sabin Parzer.