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ZBK - Weichselstrasse 34 - 12045 Berlin
ZBK - Weichselstrasse 34 - 12045 Berlin

Thursday 7pm – 9.30pm / 12. January – 30. March 2023 (12 sessions) Irene Mattioli

WORD AND SILENCE. Theater workshop in Italian open to all levels.

„All my characters make mistakes, of course, like all of us – and all of my characters are right at the same time. They are emotional situations that I create and in which I empathize. I describe a dynamic, an energy between people, they come closer and separate, they hurt and make each other happy, they create each other. I don’t represent characters, rather I create particular energy fields between the characters.“ Jon Fosse

Starting from a study of the play Death Variations by Jon Fosse the work will focus on the dimension of intimacy, understood as that particular theatrical quality capable of creating an underground tension between the characters that is not based exclusively on what is said, but on everything that happens in pauses, silences, repetitions and gestures. The meetings will be structured in a path through some fundamental themes of making theatre:

  • How to build a theatrical action from a text?
  • Developing skills to pay attention to a stage partner and to the stage space.
  • How to develop and train your stage presence?

Course times: 12. January – 30. March 2023 / Trial lesson: 12.01.23 / Meeting each on Thursday from 19:00 to 21:30.

Featuring guest lessons with Lea Barletti and Albert Tola.

Irene Mattioli: Graduated in theatre-directing at the National Academy of Dramatic Art Silvio D’Amico and has a MA in theatre-directing at the Zürich University of Arts. She now lives in Berlin where she has produced performances including Alphabet winner of the Operare09 prize. She has recently completed her artistic research on Paratheatre in the tradition of the “Grotowski Theatre Laboratory” at the UdK in Berlin.
Lea Barletti: Actress, performer, author. Together with Werner Waas she founded the company Barletti / Waas, which works between Germany and Italy, dedicating itself above all to the staging of contemporary dramaturgy. Barletti/ Waas have an insane passion for the work of P. Handke, of which they have so far staged 4 texts.
Albert Tola: Albert Tola is dramaturgy’s teacher in Barcelona and author of several plays including: Salento, Niño fósil, Los niños oscuros de Morelia e El Palmeral.